Obituary – Martha Timiye

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Our co-worker Martha Timiye passed away on 23.10.2015 in the Atebubu District Hospital, struck by a sudden illness. Martha suffered stigma in her home-town Saboba after a witchcraft-accusation. When we met and interviewed her in Yendi, she happily agreed to move to Atebubu to work as an assitant teacher for the children in Duabone. She […]

Witch-hunts in India

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Al-Jazeera published a documentary and a report about the work of NGO’s in India against witch-hunts. In general, the presecution and the beliefs are similar to the African witch-hunts.

Witch-hunts in the Media

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Ghana and Nigeria boast a thriving film-industry. Nollywood-films have at least 2 parts and last at least 130 minutes, anyone can find a good deal of them via youtube. Many of these films visualize witches and witchcraft. An evergreen is “End of the Wicked” from Nigeria, a film  blamed for boosting child-witch-hunts:  “Storybooks” are […]