Our Team

Simon Ngota is the director of the project.

Evelyn Ngota works together with her husband on a regular base and voluntary. She teaches soap-making and other artisanry, she listens to the womens sorrows and helps out, where she can.

Martina Ayaab joined the team in 2012. She is a social worker, organizes workshops and manages the projects office.

Vincent Ndebilla Ngota is a 33 years old electrician. He is Simons son and helps, whenever needed. He would like to study professional acting and is fond of drama-groups. He also works as a translator for journalists in the camp.

Musah Hardi is 25 years old, he lives in Kpatinga and gives literacy-courses in the sanctuaries.

Abu Yahaya is 25 years old and stationed at Tindang, Gnani. He is our first outpost in Tindang, the second largest ghetto with maybe the most imminent needs. As soon as our donations allow, we would like to intensify our work in Tindang.



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