Donating in Germany/Europe:

Account:              Hilfe für Hexenjagdflüchtlinge

Account Number:  11009859

SWIFT:            HELA DE FF

BIC:                HELA DE F1 MAR

IBAN:              DE43 5335 0000 0011 0098 59

Donating in Ghana:


Ghana Commercial Bank

Walewale Branch

Account Number: 9061130000499



It might be expedient to send the donation directly to the WHVEP. The fees are around 25 Euro for one installment. We offer any kind of assistance with organizing your donation.

Donations can be earmarked at will, we will consider any suggestion and discuss it with you.

Contribution receipts for Germany can be handed out for donations from 1.1.2015 onwards. Please provide your adress for receiving a receipt.

We are deeply thankful for your support! We keep you informed, if you send us your contact.

You can also use betterplace for donations. Please click the picture below.


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