Der mühselige Anfang

Dear Donors,

thanks to your monthly donations, our current monthly budget exceeds today: 455,00 EUR (900 GhS)

We have come a long way from the 250 GhS we had per month in January.

We also had some single donations. Sabine von der Tann donated 5000,00 EUR! Other individuals contributed 150 EUR total, the Evangelic Congregation of Karlsruhe donated 213,15 EUR.

Earmarked donations were made by “Wasser für die Welt”.

We bought 2 Wheelbarrows, handed out 460 EUR (1000 GhS) to the women in Gushiegu, spent 380 EUR for the registration of all women and children at the NHIS and registered Land for 800 EUR. Further costs were staff, transport and smaller issues. Our budget exceeded approximately GhS 8400 (4000 EUR) in 2011.

The Catholic Church of Ghana also organized a borehole for the women in Gushiegu-camp and toilets.

We thank all of you for your trust! We are happy to continue our work with the women in Gushiegu, Nabule and Kpatinga! In the upcoming year we want to focus on those women who want to resettle and on the children who would like to join school.

Best regards,

Simon and Evelyn

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